Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What exactly is Pocketmoneys?

Ans: Pocketmoneys is an app that lists part-time, freelance, and paid tasks around the country. It was created to meet the urgent need to find ways to earn more extra income, and to have a single platform gathering all types of temporary jobs.
Pocketmoneys is currently available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Question: When will Pocketmoneys be available in my country?

Ans: With enough demand, we surely can make Pocketmoneys available in your country and language. Make your request known to: [email protected]

Question: Who is behind Pocketmoneys?

Ans: Pocketmoneys is one of A Job Thing’s job search platforms, along with MauKerja and Ricebowl for full-time jobs, and Internsheeps for intern positions.

Question: I’m having technical issues with the website/ web app. What should I do?

Ans: Kindly report the issue to: [email protected]

Companies / Employers

Question: I am a company / employer / want to post a job or task. Why can’t I do that on Pocketmoneys?

Ans: The Pocketmoneys app is for job/task-seekers only. To post a job/task, please register on and once your account is verified, you can use the AJobThing dashboard or web app to post jobs or tasks.
If you are already registered with AJobThing, select the ‘Post a Job’ function, and if you select the job type as ‘Part time’ it will automatically be posted on the Pocketmoneys app. The ‘Part time’ category covers freelance and tasks as well.

Question: Do I have to download another app to post jobs/ tasks or to chat with applicants?

Ans: No, you can post jobs/ tasks and access the chat function via your account on
If you prefer to use your smartphone to post jobs and chat, you can do so via our mobile-friendly web app.

Question: The job/task-seeker I engaged disappeared on the job/ didn’t complete the job as promised/ is dishonest. Can I report this?

Ans: Yes, you can. You can report any applicant via your dashboard, and it will appear on their record to be flagged to future employers. Please note this function is not available on AJobThing web app.

Jobseekers / Part-timers / Freelancers

Question: How can I download the app?

Ans: Click the button below to download:

Question: Is there an iOS version of the app?

Ans: At the moment, no. Make your request known to [email protected]

Question: Do I have to pay to use Pocketmoneys?

Ans: No, it is completely free to register and use Pocketmoneys.

Question: What kind of jobs or tasks can I get on Pocketmoneys?

Ans: From one-time projects to contract work, quick errands to stay-at-home jobs, there are hundreds of job/ task types available on Pocketmoneys that you can choose according to location, payment offered, industry, and time.

Question: What is a task/ microtask?

Ans: Tasks and microtasks can include errands such as watering the plants, getting someone’s morning coffee, buying groceries, picking up the laundry or a parcel, etc. It also includes casual jobs such as housesitting, one-time cleaning, and so on.

Question: How do I apply for a job/task?

Ans: You apply by clicking on the chat icon or chat option on the job/task description. A chat window will automatically open, where you will answer a few pre-set questions then wait for the company/employer to chat with you. Essentially, a chat conversation = an application.
You can view all active and archived applications (an application/chat is automatically archived once the job/task is closed or your application is declined) on your chat page.

Question: Does applying or initiating a chat means I got the job/task?

Ans: No, the job/ task poster or employer will get in touch with you via the chat function to find out more details and discuss further. After which, they can choose to confirm or decline your application.

Question: There are no jobs/tasks that I’m interested in at my area. What do I do?

Ans: We recommend checking back again at a later time, searching a neighbouring area, city, or district, or look for remote (online-based) working opportunities instead.

Question: Can I update my profile photo / add new skills / change my location?

Ans: Yes, just click on your profile icon and make the desired edits.

Question: How do I pay / get paid for completed jobs or tasks?

Ans: Any and all payment matters are between the company or person posting the job/task and the user who accepts the job/ task. Pocketmoneys is not responsible for any payment transaction that occurs between the two parties, and therefore is not obligated to provide any compensation for losses incurred due to disagreement or negligence between the two parties.

Question: This company/ employer is dishonest or running an illegal / suspicious business. Can I report this?

Ans: Yes, you can. Please email us at: [email protected] to flag the job/task post, or company / employer, so we can look into the matter.